Tuesday, December 02, 2008

¡Vamos a Japon!

We've officially just accepted positions at the Canadian Academy of Kobe. We are very excited at our opportunity, and now just have to wait 8 months to start! So, the next eight months will be filled with filling out proper paperwork and sending documentation to Japan to obtain our visas, getting medical exams for us, Maximo and the cat, purging some of our belongings, shipping the rest to Kobe... this seems like a short, succinct list, but I'm sure the process will be a bit overwhelming at times, especially leaving Peru which holds such a special place in our hearts.

I will be teaching fifth grade, which I'm very excited about after teaching middle school for 7 years and John will be teaching IB English in the high school. Maximo will be starting school next year, since CA has an EC (Early Childhood) - 2 program. So, we'll all be going to the same place in the morning and Maximo's classroom will be just down the hall from me. How exciting!

We'll keep you posted on the process. Now we just have to get through the stressful part of the semester - the last three weeks with essays and projects to grade, grades to enter for report cards, classrooms to breakdown for summer cleaning, then we're off to Cusco for Christmas!


Celia said...

Yea!! We couldn't be happier that you're coming this way! Watch out, Rokko Island!

Michelle said...

Congratulations on the new jobs! It sounds very exciting! And to know where you are going this early in the year is awesome! I look forward to reading about your adventures in Japan. :)

Laurie and Travis said...

Damn you lead exciting lives!!! I'm bummed we won't have a chance to meet up in Peru. But maybe we'll catch up with you someday on the other side of the world! Your new jobs sound awesome. What a cool new adventure for Maximo.