Thursday, December 11, 2008

People My People

People, my people, if you elect me president there will be milk and Cheerios for everyone! There will be more puppies and cats to play with, more rocks to throw and many, many more playgrounds. Every neighborhood would have their own pool and beach for us to romp around in everyday. Babies will rule! And I will supply all the chicken, pizza, watermelon and french fries you could eat!

And a few cute pictures from tonight's bath:


Celia said...

I don't know... it sounds to me like Maximo's swearing at his people. I'm sure I hear him screaming, "CALM DOWN, G*D D*MN IT!"

I could be wrong, though. And in that case, Denis votes for Max! More Cheerios for everyone!!!

Hugo said...

"Don't cry for me Argentina...."