Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trip Thwarted

When it's beautiful in Lima, the weather is horrible in the rest of the country. This morning our flight was canceled, as were all flights into Cusco. Tomorrow all the flights are booked, so we're hoping for Monday or Tuesday. John now can't do the Inca Trail because his permit to hike the trail was only for Sunday through Thursday and the Inca Trail is now heavily regulated. He could, however, jump on a bus for 14 hours to arrive there just in time to start the hike (at 3500 meters) - I doubt that'll happen.

Hopefully, we'll leave by Tuesday and spend a few nights in Cusco to celebrate Christmas as a family. Actually, now we can relax and unwind a bit from our long semester. We'll keep you posted.

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Michelle said...

Sorry to hear your travel plans got changed, but it sounds like you guys are taking it in stride. Happy Holidays!