Saturday, December 20, 2008

Beginning of Summer #1

Even though I hate many things about our current school calendar, I do love the fact that I live in a world where I can enjoy two summers. Today was our last day of kids and now we have begun our two month summer vacation.

Tomorrow we're off to Cusco, Peru and Machu Picchu. Maximo and I (and a gang) will be hanging out in the Sacred Valley, in my favorite town of Ollantaytambo, Peru for three days, then we'll head back to Cusco for three days. On Christmas Eve, we'll take the train to meet John at Machu Picchu. He's hiking the Inca Trail and we're going to meet his dirty, stinky-self after his four day hike, then return to Cusco together by train.

It should be fun, though it's always a little bit stressful traveling with a kid - the milk, the diapers, the entertainment. And, I'm a bit worried about Maximo and the altitude, Ollantaytambo being 2792 meters (9, 160 feet) and Cucso at 11,600 feet. This is why we're taking a taxi out of Cusco as soon as we arrive to go down to the Sacred Valley, so we can semi-acclimatize.

I'm bringing a computer, so hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of our journey to the heart of Maximo's birthplace.

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