Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Trip to The Barber Shop

Exhibit A:
Maximo lounging this morning eating his Cheerios with pretty unruly hair.

Exhibits B & C:
The Children's Only Hair Salon(?) in the mall. It was a zoo, seriously - there were monkeys hanging from the ceilings and the place probably saw at least twenty kids while we were there (between waiting and getting the cut) for 25 minutes. I don't know if these places exist in the states or elsewhere, but all the seats are cars or toys and they had a huge stock of other toys that they flipped through the kids' hands every three minutes or so to keep them content. They even had two stations for older kids that had a gaming system hooked up to it. Really if your seven year old can't sit still for ten minutes to get his/her haircut, you've got problems. Unfortunately for Maximo, all the cool chairs - the dump truck and military jeep were filled when it was our turn. I for sure thought that he was going into the pink Barbie car, but instead, he got put into the baby Exersaucer that he had to stand up in the whole time because he was too big for it. He really didn't seem to mind, he fittled with the toys and ate a cracker and was pretty calm through the whole ordeal. What amazed me the most was that all the hairdressers/barbers/stylists, whatever they're called, were men except for one. Could you imagine cutting candy-bribed kids hair all day? For one, when the guy was trying to cut hair anywhere near Maximo's face, he kept moving his head. This guy was a saint with a ton of patience.

And now, Exhibit D: ¡Que Guapo!I know they'll grow back, but oh, the curls are gone. He still has a lot of wave. The haircut was a good one, no parts were scalped and he left with both ears intact.

And lastly, here's a picture of Maximo in the park. Maybe one of the only seconds he actually forgot the hat was on his head and wasn't trying to tear it off. He seems like he's turned the corner with his infection. He still sounds like a seal when he coughs, but he's doing it a lot less frequently. Today we went to the park for the first time in two days, I think the longest he's gone since maybe five months. He was tired of doing laps around the house. Today, we had our happy, smiling kid back which was nice. Earlier in the week I really thought he was going to be an only child!

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