Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sleeping Baby, Happy Mother

Many people thought we were crazy "cutting our vacation short" and returning back to little old Rokko Island four weeks earlier than we had to report to work. I am a woman with a plan. Both John and I like having time to settle and think about work before all the craziness starts, even more so now that we have kids. Also, the kids and I had been away from our home (we have so many homes) for two whole months. I'm so glad we decided to come back early!

Lola has always been a decent enough sleeper, but we've done things a lot differently with her and she didn't weigh 3 pounds at birth and have to eat every hour and a half (for forever) like her brother. For one, Lola and I co-slept since she was born. It was a lot easier with the night feedings and nursing. But, this meant that John was on the couch or more recently in the bunk beds with Max. As expected, her sleep got a little worse at night over vacation since we were sleeping in different places and her nap schedule was off. We vowed not to do anything until we were back in Japan and everyone was over jetlag.

Before we were parents, I never thought we'd have a problem with our kids sleeping through the night. Well, Maximo changed all that.

And probably the most important thing I've learned as a parent is a tired Mom is an impatient, unhappy Mom. I am one of those people who needs at least 8 hours of sleep a night, 10 being optimum. So, getting Lola to sleep through the night before returning back to work was essential for everyone's survival.

My friend, Heather, recommended this book way before we needed it and I was able to read it then go back over it when we were ready.

In a nutshell, it's a "supported crying-it-out" method. I highly recommend it. It's super easy to follow and left little for me to mess up or change which is good, because it's never easy hearing your baby cry (okay, it's easier with baby #2).

So, five days later, Lola slept 6:30-6:00 am in her crib with no milk! Yay! Now for Step 2, we're going to move the crib into Maximo's room so they can sleep together and John and I can finally sleep together again. I'll keep you informed with how Step 2 goes next week!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Living In Japan - Cicadas!

It's about time that I wrote another Living in Japan post. I actually have a few drafts of some other topics, that I will hopefully post before we go back to work. But this topic is definitely worthy and on our minds (it's all you can hear from 5:00 am - 5:00 pm!)


The cicadas here are deafening. One day they just start and they go on everyday incessantly for a few months until one day you realize it's quiet. Before moving to Japan, I thought that cicadas (locusts) came once every seven years, flew in like a swarm into small dusty Southern towns (straight out of a movie scene) and I knew nothing else about them. I know only a bit more now and have seen them up close and personal as the bushes right now are littered with their carcasses. There are also lots of little kids out with their dads with long handled nets and bug boxes catching cicadas. You should hear what they sound like when they get caught and kids they get downright angry when caught. It sounds like they are screaming.

Baby Who Sleeps to the Music of the Cicada:

A cicada shell - fun for hours!

Photo Friday - Week 33

Week 33

Lola is on the move. She's rolling all over the place and alligator crawling backwards, which frustrates her when she's trying to steal Maximo's toys or pet the cat. She's trying to pull up, although can't quite do it. We REALLY need to baby proof this house - she's getting into everything, especially when she's cruising around in her walker.

And normally it's heavy or breakable items she likes to grab. Luckily, today, she was content with a cork trivet.

Videos 4 U

(The post title is the name of my first job *outside of babysitting* working for my friend's parents' video store.)

Just a couple of videos around Casa de los Lemleys.

Laughing Lola:


What fun we can have with a large IKEA box!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back to Normal

Finally we have adjusted to the time change and we're enjoying being back in our home. We're trying to get through our list of "to-dos" before heading back to work in three weeks and hanging out around island. It's pretty hot, but not as bad as it was when I was pregnant last summer!

We've started "sleep training" with Lola, which I'll save for another post and ultimately we'd like to have the kids in the same room together within the week, so we're busy with that.

She is moving ALL over the place. She's "alligator crawling" mostly in circles and backwards, but she's moving and loving her independence! So, another item added to our to-do list is baby-proofing the apartment.

Daddy blowing up the tube for the River Mall

Staying cool at the River Mall

A big block of ice made to look like an aquarium

Playing in the little river across from our apartment and floating cicada carcasses down it!

Broccoli for Lola Vs. Broccoli for Maximo

Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Friday - Week 32

We're in the throws of jetlag right now, but last night we turned the corner (i.e. we weren't up playing or watching videos at 2:00 am). We're so glad we're back early to get situated before work starts.

Lola has changed so much since we left in May. She's so active. And unfortunately her yeast is trying to be "active" too. Keeping her rolls clean and dry is becoming a full time job - ugh. Only 3-4 more months of heat here...

Also, I keep posting this late, although at least I took the pictures yesterday. I'm thinking this may have to switch to a Saturday photo once school starts, but we'll see!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Photo Friday - Week 31

This is the latest I've been yet and I am a bit concerned with what will happen when I return back to work.

The picture was taken on Saturday, I'll confess. We had a bit of a reservation snafu - we didn't have our reservation through Sunday, just Friday, so we had to move to a hotel for the weekend. We scrambled around Friday afternoon after learning this to try to pack our 6 bags to move to a hotel across town. And both kids were fighting naps. Fun times.

Neil Patrick Harris has one-upped my photo Friday with this. I love the themes, although I couldn't get that creative every week. Although you may not have noticed that Lola never repeats an outfit for her pictures - luckily she's growing so fast, I don't really have any options. That, and that we have inherited hundreds (really) of adorable hand-me-downs for her to model.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Last Day of Train Camp

Miss Rebecca with her Train Ducklings

Maximo went to train camp this week at the Coastal Historical Society's Railroad Roundhouse. HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! He would ask about going back to train camp as soon as we picked him up each day. There were eleven other little boys, ages 3-5 who got to learn more about trains, do artwork, read books, play with the train table and take trips around the Roundhouse facilities.

Today was the last day of camp and they invited families to join their kids on the steam engine ride, so we (and Gigi, too!) joined in on the loud and smokey authentic ride and couple of spins on the turntable.

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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Photo Friday - Week 30 (and a medical update)

It's been a tough few days at Casa del Los Lemleys. While vacation has been going well, John and I have nasty sore throats and we think Lola has one too. Miss Easy Baby has been fussy, uncomfortable, and worse yet, waking up 3-4 times a night - ICK!

But, maybe worse than a summer cold is, this:

Lola has a yeast infection, in her neck and armpit. All those rolls... and the Savannah heat is a recipe for well, a yeast infection. I took her to an "urgent care" facility, but was less than thrilled with the doctor (who Googled in the middle of our appointment, the dosage, mind you, but still) and the prescription he gave us wasn't seeming to make much of a difference.

Anyhow, we got an appointment at a good pediatrics office today and he confirmed that yes, it was yeast, but he changed the prescription. And along with having a better feeling about the situation leaving the office to buy jock itch cream from the pharmacy, the doctor noticed Lola's hemangioma and also noted that parts of it are changing back to a fleshy color - yay!

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Today the kids were dressed all patriotically and we went to the Georgia Train Museum. They've done some great things since the last time went there - about ten years ago with the kids I used to babysit. It's a lot more interactive than it used to be and there are many more things to see also. Maximo is going to Train Camp there next week and we wanted him to be familiar with the place, especially since he has been extra clingy with us combined with being a Superbig Scaredy Cat too!

We're sure it has to do with our travels this summer and being away from John for three weeks - but he's now petrified of elevators and went through a bout with being afraid of toilets flushing after using the airplane toilet.

Anyhow, here are a couple of pictures.

Tonight Gigi is coming over to watch Lola (hopefully sleep) and we're going to take Maximo to his first fireworks. Hopefully he'll enjoy it and not freak out!
Riding the hand car at the Georgia Train Museum

Yes, that's baby powder all over the top of her dress - she has open sores in her neck from the heat and the three rolls she's sporting - it's gross and they are starting to bother her.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Georgia - so far

Here's a slideshow of pictures from our Georgia adventure. I'll be updating this folder. There are some great beach and grandparent shots!

Photo Friday - Week 29

Naked Baby Edition
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We've been in Savannah for almost a week already - summer vacation always seems to go by so fast! We're catching up with John's side of the family and have had two great days at the beach with Gigi.

We're renting a garden floor apartment in a nice Victorian home right on Forsyth Park (where we got married). It's the perfect location and it's so nice to have our own space (which is bigger than our Japanese apartment) - with a full kitchen and washer and dryer which is a necessity when traveling with kids. When we arrived, the owner gave us basil and peppers from her garden - that's my idea of a perfect bouquet!

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Max, John and Gigi at Forsyth Park Fountain