Saturday, September 25, 2010

She's Crafty

So far, no news is good news. I said I'd post after every doctor's visit, but this is a week (and a half) late. Work has been insanely busy and I'm not getting everything done and my to-do list gets bigger by the day.

I had my doctor's visit the other day after an overnight trip with the fifth grade class... and everything looked good. Since running around with a bunch of 5th graders didn't put stress on my body, I'm hoping that I'll go the distance with bebe #2.
I did get another "talking to" about my weight, but... I'm not too concerned, let's just say that my prenatal vitamins have a tendency to slow things down... so I had a little extra weight (ah, hem 5-6 days worth) in my body. (Sorry if that was too many details!)

While I was waiting at the hospital (for the hour it took to do the gestational diabetes test), I was playing with my iPhone. There's a new option on facebook to "show your location". So, I posted where I was. So, my facebook profile read:
Julie just checked in to Rokko Island Hospital.
Luckily the location was in Japanese, but for a few of my friends, it was a bit alarming. I'm hoping I don't have to write a crazy post like that from my iPhone in the hospital, but I'll be more clear in the future.

This pregnancy is SO much different than when I was pregnant with Maximo. This one has been much harder - I had horrible morning sickness and vomiting until about 22 weeks and my weight gain is very different (I don't know how much I gained with Maximo or even with #2, because I've never cared much about wait, but with Max I got huge everywhere and with this one, it really is mostly in my belly). Even before all the "Maximo birth drama", I'm was actually surprised how pregnancy felt so "hard" on my body. I've always been pretty healthy/athletic and carrying a baby rocks my world (and not necessarily in a good way).
With this one, after I started feeling better, I am much more of a nester (John probably wouldn't notice, because I could never keep up with him with housekeeping), but I adored planning/decorating/cooking for Maximo's birthday and I am holding an afterschool activity this semester for Grade 2-5 (girls) called Wearable Art, where we make, well, art that you can wear. We've made friendship bracelets, beaded bracelets, headbands and I'm excited for the next two weeks - tie-dye shirts and one of my favorite childhood crafts, ribbon barrettes.

16 girls... lots of beads, ribbon, fabric, glue and even dye! What fun!

I was going to post my enormo bod in this post, but by the time John and I settle down for the night, I don't want to get up again, unless it's lugging this enormo bod to my bed. So, I'll get a picture before the next doctor's visit (next Wednesday) and will try to post in a timely manner.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

And Her Name Will Be...

We didn't want to share the name until at least 30 weeks when we felt like we were more in the clear... but it's kind of slipped out.

That is, unless we change it in the next 10 weeks^_^

(And no, we didn't name her because of this song... that would be a bit weird... but it is a great catchy tune.)

Monday, September 20, 2010

At Least It's Better Than TV

For his birthday, Maximo received his first book on tape. We read the book a few times with him, but he didn't listen to the story, because we had to upload the CD into our iTunes and yes, sometimes a teeny thing like that can take me a while to get done.

So, I uploaded it onto my iTunes this weekend... and Maximo FELL IN LOVE with it. He was a slave to the "ding" and would anxiously turn the page each time. So, we got to listen to Alex Baldwin read "Thomas and the Rumors" approximately 25 times (and that is no exaggeration).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Tidbit

We're enjoying a three-day weekend and I'm recovering from an overnight trip with my students. I have some updates to share, so hopefully I'll get a post in before returning to school on Tuesday. The temperature is finally out of the 90s, so we are venturing out of our air-conditioned cave a bit more... We are so ready for fall!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Growing, growing, growing...

We're rounding week 25. I had a check up last week and everything is good and closed, so that's good. I only gained about a pound and a half, so my doctor was happy. The baby looks good - a little big (but she assured me her measurements were for Japanese babies, and I was okay with my big gaijin baby:). I'm now on a two week rotation for appointments which makes me a little more comfortable. Next Friday, I go in for a diabetes test - I hate drinking that sickly sweet concoction.

I have no idea what it's like to have a baby in the US, but I love that both here and in Peru you get to see the baby through an ultrasound every visit.

Work is definitely making the time go by faster, which is nice. It's ridiculously hot here, which leaves me feeling horrible at the end of some days. I try to drink a lot of water throughout the day and then take a cold shower when I get home and it seems to help.

I'll try to continue to post about HER and my health after each visit. I continue to keep my fingers crossed that I make it to DECEMBER!!!!!!! (Please do the same.)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Child's Play

Maximo received a couple of games for his birthday. Age 3 and up may be the youngest you can find in games - and we weren't sure he'd be able to play yet.

We opened up Cariboo and gave it a whirl. HE LOVES IT. Everyday he says,
"Daddy, Cariboo, please?"
He gets pretty excited about it and forgets to talk and yells his actions as he's doing it.
"Hmmm. Something red."
"There it is."
"Look a ball!"
It's cute to see how excited he is about it. It helps him practice his colors, letters and numbers too. We're playing the beginners' game and there's an advanced option, so we can play this game for a while!

Last night, Denis and family came over and after dinner we pulled it out and the boys played together. It was fun, although Max tried to tell Denis where he should play! We can't wait for more Game Nights in the future!