Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Few Seconds of Fame

Recruiting for International Schools, as I mentioned before, is an interesting process. One which begins at least 8-10 months before you are ever planning to move to your new locale. Part of this is due to the fact that it does take a while for the schools to get work visas, apartments, and everything else in line before we arrive. Many administrators are now interviewing before in the infamous job fairs because it takes the pressure off when it comes to the job fair and for our school at least, they may be able to enjoy a little bit of their summer vacation rather than traveling the world going to job fairs recruiting the best teachers.

One of the newest marketing tools for schools is to create a recruiting video. You'll find them on many schools' websites to lure new teachers to the schools. We were asked to be a part of Roosevelt video, mostly because we can represent "the family" (teaching couple with a kid) and the ease and enjoyment of our life here, but I really think, most importantly, it's because we have a B.A. house!

Check out the You Tube video. John just stumbled upon it recently. I don't know if/when they're going to post it on the school's website. But you get to see Los Lemleys, though never head-on, and shots of the house we'll miss dearly next year!


Celia said...

Celebrities at last! Fame looks good on you!

Kirsten said...

Yes, you will pine for that house on a minute by minute basis. But then you will go outside, and take a deep breath, and you won't worry about the lasting effects of pollution.

Still cannot believe you guys will be here. Eight months and counting.

Hugo said...

What a piece of cheesy propaganda for the school. Good thing you got Max into the video or it would have been a scary sight of just you two!