Friday, May 28, 2010

Because an Apology Just Won't Cut it, Again...

Will this do?

This is the reason I haven't posted in so long. I'm sorry, really. But, most days I'm barely getting through.

This is what my days have been looking like:
5:30 Wake up with Max
Get ready for work, get Max breakfast, dressed, packed...
7:30 Drop off at daycare then head to work
7:45 - 4:30 Work
4:30 Try to make dinner - but mostly John is making it because I can't stand the smell of food
5:30 Eat dinner
6:00 Start bath time
7:00 Max goes to bed
7:02 I go to bed
I have been ridiculously tired this pregnancy. And I have much more "morning" sickness than I did with Maximo. John has been really helpful with making most of the meals and doing almost everything around the house. I was taking a course on Tuesday nights which just finished this week and we now have two weeks until the end of school. We can't wait! The end of work for a while and hopefully I'll feel better because I'll be at the end of my first trimester.

So, what else...
The due date is Dec 26th.
I'll probably going in for surgery in 3-4 weeks for a cerclage to help prevent what happened with Maximo.
I'm already beginning to show! YIKES!We're super excited and a little nervous.

Hopefully I start to feel better soon (and am able to stay up past 7) to post about this experience and our summer!

Thursday, May 06, 2010


I know I've been horrible lately with my posts... both mother and mother-in-law have voiced their complaints (nicely, of course). This year continues to be a challenge - the l-o-n-g and wet winter/spring and the continuous - someone-in-the-house is sick business.

Luckily, we just had a 5 day weekend for Golden Week and it was five gorgeous days of relaxing, being with friends and POTTY TRAINING!

Max is doing exceptionally well on the P-P front, but as far as the #2 business - he prefers to poop everywhere else but his diaper. I'll spare you of more poop on the floor videos - but let's just say I'm glad our floors are mostly hardwood.
I've updated a few more photos to finish off the April album, here.