Monday, December 22, 2008

Maximo - 15 months

Max playing with the goodies from the Christmas box from Nana.

Just an update on Maximo... He's changing so fast!

He is walking like crazy now, actually preferring to walk rather than crawl (this only started happening about a week or two ago, before he was still faster on all fours). He's not running yet, like his little friend, Kate, but he's getting better every time he chases after her!

He's really starting to say words and his babble sounds more like an actual language... In English, he can now say, "cat", "tick-tock", "hot", and "cheese". He's repeating more and more from us. I know he's saying things in Spanish, though I don't know the depth of his vocabulary. I have heard him say, "nana" (which is a generalized term for nannies here, thankfully his grandmother's name too!), and "cayo" (it fell). His understanding of Spanish is much better than his understanding of English, but he does understand a lot, like bringing things to us, come here, etc.. Still no real "mama" and "dadda" directed at us, though lots of babblings of them. But, yesterday in the car he yelled "dadda" to try to get John's attention... we think.

He's eating like a champ sometimes and a bird other times, though he eats at least one HUGE meal a day, usually either lunch or dinner. His favorites lately are: broccoli, black beans, chicken, cheese, watermelon, John's soggy cereal, and bagels.

His mouth his an enormously swollen, drooly mess. He has eight teeth up front and is cutting 4 molars in the back - two top, two bottom. He's doing pretty well with that, considering.

He STILL has diarrhea. Though now we think the virus has passed and now it's just from the teething. (We hope it is anyways!) This is now week two with diarrhea... (ughh) If he still has it when we come back from Cusco, we'll do another stool sample. It's just a big stinkin' mess!

And a few of Maximo's current bad habits: jamming his finger in his nose (yuck!), opening up everything he can - cabinets, and the worst... the toilet, pitching a FIT when he doesn't get what he wants in a timely fashion.

Speaking of which, we've rescheduled our flights and are leaving for Cusco tomorrow. Hopefully the weather won't prevent us from going this time. We plan to go to Machu Picchu on Christmas Eve. I hope this works out more so for Rosmery and Gloria (our maid and nanny) because this is our Christmas/going away gift to them and they really want to go. Unfortunately, traveling to Machu Picchu is pretty expensive for most Peruvians, so many will never, ever get to see it. I do feel a bit funny traveling with them because it looks like we need an army to take care of our little toddler.

Hopefully, I'll be writing from Cusco (the navel of the world, as the Incas' called it) with the next post.

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