Saturday, October 02, 2010

La La La La

Lately, Maximo has been singing anything he can - the jingle at the beginning of Dinosaur Train, Happy Birthday song, Yellow Submarine, etc... and wants to hear the kids' music CD we have regularly (even though it gets annoying after a while).

John and I aren't the best about playing music while we're just hanging around the house. Partly, I know for me, this is due to the fact that I love to come home to a "quiet" house after being around kids all day. We're going to need to start playing more music around the house, and find some good "adult" music so I don't go crazy listening to toddlers sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".

Here are some mini-concerts for your listening enjoyment:


Celia said...

You're quite a singer, Maximo!

Love, Mama :)

Terie and K-Dog said...

do you use you-tube to post some of this? I get big blank spaces here as youtube is forbidden plus mas. although Celia did fill me in on Lola name- nice!!
What are your's John's and Maximo's current favorite colours?