Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Hasn't Even Begun, but We're DONE!

We've carved a jack o 'lantern, we've made Halloween art, we've dressed up, and have eaten tons of sweets.

Carving a pumpkin with John - although Max was too delicate to get dirty.

It's only October 30th, but we've packed away the costume and are done with Halloween for 2010.

Last night, Maximo participated on our apartment complex's trick-or-treating. It was very organized and precise: Three teams of kids with adult chaperones. A map with locations and order of apartments to go visit. Candy bagged by parents handed in early and then distributed to be passed out (I didn't get my bags back). Three doorbell rings. Twenty-two bags. Not a bag leftover. Precision.
John went out with Max and all the Japanese moms and I stayed home to pass out the candy. Max had a grand old time and only asked for candy as soon as he got home. He's forgotten about it since. He was cute and had fun with the pack of kids.
Max and John's group's map:There's another Halloween party for the Canadian Academy families tonight, but Max is a bit under the weather, it's a dreary day and John has been superman as it is and I'd hate for him to have to do one more trick-or-treat. And really, does Maximo need to trick or treat 3 times?

It's glad we're retiring the T-Rex costume, as it was a bit small (although it said 3-4T on Amazon), especially around the crotch. It looked a bit like a banana hammock. I'm a little sad we didn't take a close up.

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