Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I remember way before we ever even thought of Maximo, struggling to "see the baby" when looking at a grainy black and white sonogram picture and usually not figuring out what I was looking at...

But in the past three years, I've looked at over thirty or more and we've been lucky enough to get to see sonograms each time we visit the doctor (for both kiddos). Because anatomy and physiology have always fascinated me, I ask the doctor many questions as he/she has checked the baby's measurements and we've watched them flipping around. So now, I'm a pro at "guess the part of the baby", although you may be not.

So, I've labeled the "creepy" sonograms of Lola:
And not to leave out big brother, here's a recent picture of him at the Osaka Castle playground, which he LOVES!

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