Friday, October 08, 2010

A Baby and Maximo Update

It's been ridiculously busy at work - so much so that I barely feel like I'm balancing everything. I'm trying to "take it easy" as much as I can, and I normally feel pretty good physically, but this week has been rough... and this week is continuing for me into the weekend as I have signed up for a workshop which is being hosted at our school Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. Unfortunately, I didn't read the fine print when I signed up for a full-day workshop for the whole weekend, but, fortunately, it was great today and motivating.

I had my check up this week and Lola is doing well. Her size is good (1550 g *3.4 lbs.* about the size of Max at birth) and my cervix is still completely closed! This is encouraging because this was the same time as the check up I had with Maximo when I learned that things were taking a turn for the worst. She's jumping, dancing and kicking around quite a bit. So much so, that I have a hard time sleeping at night.

I'm getting big as you can see:And this is what the little lady looks like:
I get ultrasound pictures every time I have a doctor's appointment, which is a perk of having a baby outside the US. Unfortunately, my doctor likes to get "head on" shots of the baby. All the photos are creepy alien -like vacant-eyed skull shots. Not those cute, profile, baby shots you normally see. So, I'll spare you those shots, or maybe I'll make a photo montage for Halloween.

I get these updates weekly through BabyCenter. It's a nice little weekly email to look forward to which explains where the baby is developmentally and its approximate size. And as the kids get older, it switches to monthly emails, which I still receive for Maximo.

And now on to Maximo... he has been really fun lately. The things he does and says are always entertaining to John and I. He, of course, has his moments, like when he pitched a fit this week because he didn't want to wear pants to school (because his Thomas underwear were just too cool)., or when the stem of the banana broke and he couldn't peel it from the top by himself - you know, HUGE toddler problems. But on a whole, he's been a joy and so curious and excited about everything around him.

To add on to our busy week, both John and Max were a bit under the weather. Maximo has a nasty cough, but has been fairly happy, so he's gone off to daycare all week. Today we got this note (we get notes everyday, and love that connection with what's going on during the day).
This one takes a bit of deciphering...

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