Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween 2010 - Take 1

Today was Maximo's first of three Halloween events (if we make it to them all). We're going to get the most out of this year's costume, unfortunately it's a tad small.

They had a party at his daycare which turned into a bit of a parade around island with places to stop and pick up candy.I ventured the block to his daycare to partake in the festivities at school (which I'm paying for a bit now). Then, John met us after he was done with work so he could help out as the kids paraded on island to trick or treat.

Maximo was a mess when I arrived at Yume Club. I think they woke him up from his nap and everyone in costumes and the change in routine was freaking him out. After fifteen minutes of crying, one of his senseis and I persuaded him to get into his dinosaur costume and have a snack before heading out. He then had another meltdown and refused to go into the "adult day services therapy center" downstairs from Yume Club, but joined the rest of the gang to get candy.
My halloween "candy" contribution - a lot more effort than I had intended.
Rice Krispie Pumpkins (with homemade fondant stems and leaves).

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