Monday, May 04, 2009

Word World

First, I know you're shocked that I am even posting a third time in one weekend. There's just much to say about our chaotic lives right now - Max's development, having fun family time, and starting the transition from Peru to Japan.

In the past two weeks, Max's language has BOOMED! He'll repeat almost anything and now says many things on his own unprompted. Here's a little video of Max this morning...

First, of him successfully (okay, crudely) eating grits (like a good Southern boy) with a spoon.
Then, of Max talking (yes, I'm obnoxiously prompting him, but his voice is tres cute!)

I love how he refers to himself as "Ma'mo". He usually thumps his chest too! And how he says cheese whenever he sees a camera... And... And... And...

And the second being a message to his grandparents.... Sorry Grandpa Jim and Grandpa John, he can't get Grandpa down... we'll be coaching him every day until we arrive home in July.

Author's Note: This is officially my favorite age (to date).


Celia said...


Denis thought that the boy in the video was either himself or someone a lot like him. He pointed to the video and then to himself!

Julie said...

I love that the boys watch videos of each other :) I can't wait until they can meet.