Thursday, May 28, 2009

If Only... (sigh)

We had the week off...

I had already planned the week last Friday as I excitedly bound off campus with hopes of a week off.

We were going to:
Play with Max
Make at least 4 new dishes
Play with Max
Pack some boxes
Play with Max
Chuck/Donate clothes
Play with Max
Have a date night
Play with Max
Go to the movies
Paint with Max

Unfortunately (okay, probably fortunately) no one at my school contracted Swine Flu so school was not canceled. Seven schools in the city were canceled for the week. But I worked every day (so far, I have a sliver of hope left) this week. The kids speculated every day that we wouldn't have school the next day. They were trying to get their classmates to "take one for the team" by licking various public railings or hanging out with the girl that contracted it from the Dominican Republic (not from FDR).

But, here we are... no unexpected "Fall" break. And really, there's only 5 more weeks to go; I think I can make it.

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Michelle said...

I was secretly hoping some of the outbreaks in NH would affect my school too, but it didn't happen. I know I shouldn't wish swine flu on anyone, but I could have really used a few days off!! Good luck finishing up the year. :)