Friday, May 29, 2009

It was a quiet Thursday Night

When I heard a commotion out the window.

Please don't wake my baby up! Immediately jumped into my head and out of my mouth (minus the expletives)

Then, I thought - this is why we're doing this. This is why we're living overseas. I sure as hell never saw a band followed by little girls dressed as angels and another hundred or so people in procession as six dedicated men carried a large Virgin Mary down the street growing up in Pawcatuck .

I'm not sure if there's a Catholic holiday today OR if it's just an event from one of the schools around the corner OR even if they're just blessing a new ground breaking for a new apartment building down the street.

Since I'm posting "videos from our living room window", I'll also post this:

I filmed this a couple of months ago and wasn't sure what exactly I was going to say about it, but this woman's voice is something that I will definitely take with me when we leave Peru. The sounds of a new place are always interesting and different. Every day in the summer (well, I think everyday, we just hear it everyday, since we are at home in the summer) she walks through the neighborhood selling tamales and I love her voice. I also love the whistle of the knife sharpener who also walks through the neighborhood during the day, but I haven't been able to capture that on film.

I wonder what the sights, sounds and smells of Peru we'll miss the most. I wonder what sounds will intrigue us when we move to Japan.


Celia said...

You're bound to be intrigued by the crows and cicadas that will wake you up at about 4:30AM during the month of August!

Kirsten said...

But other than that, Japan is silent. Freakily so.