Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Peas & Dhan Dou

Since Max is talking quite a bit, we decided to start early with the important words...

Please and Thank You!

After only a couple of days of reinforcing it, he says "please" without being prompted. He now knows to say it whenever he wants something. Unfortunately it also makes it harder to say "no" to him. "Thank yous" occur more randomly or when he repeats after us.

The funniest "pleases" in the past two weeks were:
After an hour or two of playing in the park and the dirt, our little monkey sees a woman passing by eating a bag of Lay's potato chips. He beelines for her, sticks his grubby little hand out and says, "Peas". His nasty little fingers made him look like he was straight off of a Lima intersection, and I was a bit embarrassed that my little gringo boy was begging for food from a poor (literally) passerby.

Sunday, we were playing in the park, after a not-so-hot day of napping when his friend Malina arrived. Usually she and Hania drag Max around like a rag doll, but he loves it. He kept trying to grab for her hand, and repeatedly said, "Peas... Peas... Peas?" Malina was a bit tired herself and didn't want to hold Max's hand (at least right then, later, she started dragging him around the playground). Maximo's first rejection from a girl. Her dad and I couldn't stop giggling.

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Celia said...

Poor Max! Hopefully Malina will come around!