Monday, May 18, 2009

Because We Don't Want to Forget

Mother's Day at La Canta Rana enjoying cancha,
calamari and a nice lunch with my boys!

I'm sure by now you're tired of hearing about Max's words... It's just amazing how much more vocal he's gotten in the past three weeks or so and there are things we don't want to forget him saying. This blog is as much for us as it is for you... let's just say he doesn't have much of a baby book, so we really cherish the details about his life from this blog and Lo Maximo.

"Yes" - means shoes, duh, obviously. A really clear, enunciated "yes" ... don't know why.
He's in LOVE with shoes right now - he'll wear ours, he'll insist we wear a certain pair, like my high black boots on a Sunday family walk (I distracted him and did NOT wear them out of the house) or he'll insist on choosing which ones he wants to wear and now since it's colder - with socks.

"Lalalo" - La luna - the moon. He loves it when John cradles him and holds him near our bedroom window so he can stare at it before bedtime.

"Mo-mo" - more - for more food, to be scared more, for us to keep repeating the same song, book, etc.

"Avion" - he LOVES planes right now. Problem being we can hear them while playing in the park, but we can't see them because of the fog.

"Cah" - Car with a Bostonian accent. Somehow he sounds like his Uncle Tim.

"Keen up - Keen up" - I taught Max the "Clean Up" song. He loves it! He throws things around, then twists from side to side with his arms swaying, singing the song while I clean up!

"WOW!" said with enthusiasm and held for about 3 seconds... meaning, "crane". Why not? A crane is definitely WOW worthy. There's some construction down the street so he gets to see the "WOW" daily.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm" whenever he sees something delicioso.

"Nee nor, Nee nor" This is the sound of the firetruck from one of his books, but it now the sound of any car. Now that he's playing more with cars and trucks, he pushes them around saying "nee nor, nee nor". Cute.

"Dodudat" - First we thought tortuga, but now, "Don't do that", maybe?, but we don't know where he picked it up.

He is speaking quite a bit of Spanish too. But, understandably we get more of the English. His cute Spanish lately is "Alli" - there and "Asi" - like this.

And holding at our favorites: "I love you", "Peas and Tan to", of course his sing-song "Mommy and Daddy" and "Flavio" - the Spanish version of our cat's name, Flavius.

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