Saturday, February 21, 2009


Our last date night of the summer - enjoying sushi at Osaka - after a wine tasting in which we tasted too many Argentinian wines and then bought a case we'll have to consume before we leave!

6 date nights
8 weeks
Full of...
Long, lazy mornings playing with Maximo while sipping coffee
Not wearing work clothes (and wearing flip flops everyday)
Reading... (I've read over 10 books this summer!)
A memorable trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu
Hundreds of trips to the park
A few trips to the beach
12 swim classes
Dinners and get togethers with friends
Many kilometers (running) later...

Our vacation is officially over. We start back to work on Monday.

I know many of you many not be too sympathetic because as teachers we get a lot of vacation, but everyone knows what it feels like to return back to work after a vacation.

So, two days and four months left until our next summer vacation... I haven't started counting the days, yet!


Celia said...

You two look great! And so does the new blog design. Hope you enjoyed your last date night of the summer. At least you can look forward to more sushi in the future!

Michelle said...

Good luck going back to school! Have a great last semester in Lima!!