Monday, February 16, 2009

Dancing King

Maximo loves to dance.
Whenever he hears a tune, he'll start wiggling all around - mostly in an up-down motion with a hand gyration. It's quite cute. His favorite music is Cumbia (music previously popular with the "lower classes" in Peru, but it is becoming more mainstream and heard frequently in clubs and on the radio) and reggaetón (a mix of raggae and Latin club music), though tonight he really got into the Beastie Boys (update: "Sorry, I'm an idiot - Cypress Hill"). It's going to be fun when he gets into music we loved in high school that we get all nostalgic about - though it's a wide variety of music, since I was in elementary school for most of John's time in high school (touché, John).


Teresa said...

John Travolta and Patrick Swayze had better watch out!!

john said...

mmmm-- that's Cypress Hill, not The Beastie Boys young buck