Friday, February 06, 2009


I've been relatively productive this summer, more so the first few weeks of January, but, I've been checking things off my list... BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

I totally screwed up this week. I was just settling into bed two nights ago, I opened my book, and I shot up, "John, John!" (not in a yelling tone, but more like a fierce whisper, so I wouldn't wake up Maximo).

He walks in, "What?"

"John, I forgot about Flavius. He was supposed to go to the vet today! Now he'll be coming to Japan another day later! UGGGGGGHHHHHHH!"

I have been a little preoccupied lately, but I can't believe I forgot about the cat's "appointment" with the vet. I needed to bring him in 31 days after he had his first rabies vaccination for a second rabies vaccination. After which he needs to get his blood drawn 21 days later to send to the states for testing and then he begins his 6 month in-home quarantine before he can enter Japan.

He's already not going to be with us for over a month, because he can't enter another country within six months of entering Japan, not that it would be logistically feasible to drag our cat to Georgia, then Connecticut.

So, we're arriving in Japan on August 8th, Flavius won't join us until August 24th. That's 7 weeks that Flavius will be with friends and then he'll have to venture overseas solo. Poor Flavius. He never knew what was coming when I snagged him from the park.

And on an exciting note, we received this book from the Canadian Academy yesterday, which was at the perfect time to keep our excitement going and give us some momentum as we get closer and closer to starting second semester, sighhhhh......

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