Sunday, February 01, 2009

Denis, Watch This!


A bit of information if you are confused... our friends have a new son who is not super thrilled with bath time. Max decided to be proactive and help out Denis, for one doesn't want to have stinky friends.

On two side notes: sorry for the orange - tinged movie - our bathroom is bright orange and the tile and red tub don't help. Speaking of the tub... poor guy... I can't wait until he can have a real tub!

All apartments come with full bathtubs in Japan, right?


Sara said...

Perfect! Celia and Jon and Denis we are thinking of you!!!! Sara & John

Celia said...

How great! Denis just sat and watched the video three times straight through! You must have read my mind. I was thinking last night that there must be some bath time videos I could download off YouTube or something. But good ol' Maximo came to the rescue! Think we'll go try the bath toys again...

Thanks, Maximo! (And Mom!)

Michelle said...

Too cute!!