Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

True Love, that's what it is... Me and my boys, cat included... Life couldn't be better.

A little Daddy love

We had a nice, low-key Valentine's Day minus all that mushy-gushy hearts, flowers, chocolates and rose business. A normal summer day of play then we played in the park with friends and checked out the scene in Parque Amor - it was still early, but there were already about 500 people there and we saw four different sets of brides and grooms.

Here are a couple of pictures. Maximo is really running around and into EVERYTHING which accounts for my lack of photos this month. I can't seem to keep him off of cliffs and touching everything he shouldn't to take a couple of shots.

Maximo playing with Kelani and Fatima at the fountain

Mason, Max and Steve at Parque Amor

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