Saturday, February 28, 2009

18 Months

Little man is 18 months old... and doing well! John and I were just talking the other day in the car how we never dreamed of being where we are now when he was born. And here he is in all his glory.

Here are some things about what's going on in Maximo's world right now:

Linguistically: He has a few more words to include in his vocabulary: flower, up, thank you (though he says this when he gives you something, like that's what he expects from you!), coo-coo (bird, though not the word for bird in English or Spanish), chou (like the Italian, "ciao" - goodbye), cheese (for the food and when he sees a camera).

Physically: He climbs on everything he can, he can get himself onto the couch by himself and into his ball pit without crashing on his head! He still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, which makes it difficult to turn your back on him.He's walking well, but still not running. He likes to turn in circles,
He seems like he's really gotten tall and not as pudgy in the face... His blonde hair is getting darker (but still wavy!)

His cute stuff: He loves to give kisses and blow kisses good-bye. He begs whenever anyone around him has food, even if he's just eaten. He'll point and say "Num-num" and bat his eyelashes and usually get what he wants.

His not so cute stuff: Still biting! Ughh! Whining. Putting everything in his mouth.

His loves:
  • The park - he goes twice every day.
  • Raspberries! Seriously, he LOVES them!
  • His monkey
  • His pacifer when it's time to go to bed (this is a fairly new thing)
  • To "beep" things - point and say "beeeeeeep" - anything circular really - with fondness towards belly buttons, nipples and small holes
  • Reading
  • Singing songs - like Baby Bumblebee (below), Wheels on the Bus, Patty-Cake
  • Music
  • His cat
  • Birds in the park
  • Being silly
  • Throwing himself onto pillows or backwards on the bed or in his ball pit
  • Water - the pool, the fountain, the hose, sprinklers, a bucket... anything with AGUA!
  • "Daddy!" I'm trying to get some video of him talking, especially the cute excited way he exclaims, "Daddy!" but, he doesn't like to perform in front of the camera

We've really enjoyed our summer with Max and are REALLY bummed to be back at work. But c'est la vie.

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