Friday, January 23, 2009


It's fun listening to Maximo now as he has a few words that he is using. He's pretty impressive with what he can repeat. He often times repeats what we say, but more in the syllabic repetition than the actual phonetics of the word.

He are his words, in order of usage:
"cayo" (it/he/she fell - though he doesn't understand the subtleties of throwing, chucking across the room, dropping and the rare occurrence of something actually falling)
"la luz" (the light - proper article included)
"bebe" (baby - but for him, this often times means any Little Person)
"tick tock"
"galleta" (cracker or cookie)

These are ones I can honestly say he knows and can use on his own without mimicking us. He does say, "Thank you" but it doesn't sound anything like "thank you" it's more a two syllable grunt, but he uses it properly in context when he receives something.

Fun times. My brother complains quite often that my five year old niece is now never silent. I'm sure we will be there one day, but right now, I love to hear him talk and giggle!

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