Saturday, January 17, 2009

Swim Class

Maximo is continuing with swim class this summer. We are taking the Parent and Child class at school on Wednesdays and Fridays. What's nice is that the pool is almost empty and on Wednesdays we are in the class by ourselves and on Fridays there is just one other little girl. During the school year, there are more kids, but most teachers are traveling right now.

We love the teacher, Gina, and Max is getting a lot more attention since he is the only one in the class. Since the pool is almost empty, he focuses a bit more on what he's supposed to be doing and paying attention to the "1,2,3" cue of going underwater.

Here's a little clip of him swimming. I know it's not spectacular, but he's going under the water for five seconds on his own which is pretty cool. Next time, I'll have to get a clip of him jumping in or me throwing him in the air and letting him "fall" into the water by himself (that scares me a bit when I'm floundering around, blinded by the splash trying to yank him out!).

He loves the water and keeping him out of it for the few minutes before our class starts has proven to be a bit difficult. The changing room is also loads of fun! Yesterday, I put him in the bathroom stall with me so I could go to the bathroom before class and he crawled out of my stall, into someone else's, then out into the locker room.


Kirsten said...

There are baby seats in some restrooms in Japan to avoid just this problem. There is also a pool on island. There is free swim on Sunday afternoons, but we have never been. We will try it out before you guys get here!

Julie said...

Nice. We can't wait. I'm glad we'll be able to continue swimming too!