Thursday, January 08, 2009

Summer Lovin'

We're in a groove now - part lackadaisical, part efficient. We really have a lot of things to get done this summer, and I am methodically checking items off my to do list, but we're also having fun adult time (dates!) and really are enjoying Maximo right now. He's at a great age and he is learning and changing daily! I plan to go to the beach at least once a week, since (I'm going to speak for Maximo here) it's his and my favorite place in the world (not necessarily these specific beaches, but beaches in general). We've being going to the park daily to play at the playground, walk on the malecon or just romp in the grass. Today, we also started swim classes again and we signed up for the Parent & Child class twice a week.

I'm not trying to rub this summer thing in to all of you who are enduring cold, icy, miserable winters, especially those of you stuck indoors with little ones, but I'm just lovin' it.

Here are a few cute shots from the week:

Not always smiles and sunshine -
he can throw a pretty decent fit now

I love those buns.
(He loves to walk around naked.
Problem: he likes to pee on the floor.)

Hmmm. Me like peanut butter.
Me rub myself in peanut butter because it's just so good.

Still rockin' the peanut butter. All dipping apples are gone,
so he's scraping the tray with his spoon.

Ooh, PB in my hair!

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