Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Down at the Farm

Today we went to La Granja Villa which is kind of a cross between a farm, namely petting zoo, amusement park and ecological park. It was great! Last Sunday we tried to go on a family field trip to the zoo and we spent more time in line buying tickets than we did in the zoo itself - it was hot, there was a bazillion people at the zoo, and after about 10 minutes John and I looked at each other, didn't have to say a word and headed for the exit.

We decided to not attempt a Family Field Trip again on a weekend and have been wanting to go to La Granja Villa. There was about fourty people in the whole place and it was fantastic. Maximo loved the petting zoo area where there were llamas, goats, sheep, pigs, and cows. You could feed them food or feed the babies milk from a bottle. The babies were a bit aggresive when they saw the bottle, and I was really concerned Max might take the bottle and try to swig the goat or even worse, pig (ughhh) milk, so he "helped" John feed them.He had a great time except for when a sheep nipped his finger. Really we're quite shocked that that was all that happened given that Max was sticking his fingers in their noses, pulling their ears and patting their heads. He also loved the carousel. We'll definitely go back!

Here's a video of a couple of clips put together from today. Note the part when Max finishes sticking his finger in the sheep's eyes and nose, then puts his finger in his mouth. Yummmm!

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Celia said...

Cute! Looks like a fun day!