Friday, January 16, 2009

My First Kiss

I have for the past eight months or so, continually tried to get Max to give me a kiss. I plead in both English and Spanish, with no luck. Supposedly he doles out kisses to his girl, Hania, in the park and to his other friends. He kisses characters and animals from his books, but nothing for Mommy (or Daddy for that matter).

This morning, over breakfast, I just asked, "Max, give Mommy a kiss." and low and behold the little prince leaned over and planted one right on my lips. I almost cried! And of course, I made him do it another five times, just to make sure it was real (and to make up for some lost time), so I probably won't get another for a while.

This was SO much better than my first kiss to Jeremy Scott in 7th grade at the Old Mystic Village gazebo! Ha!


Heather said...

Your first kiss was Jeremy Scott?! I would never have guessed that.

Celia said...

Congrats! Can't wait to get my 'first' kiss!