Friday, January 09, 2009

Wet and Wild

Tonight we went to the "fountain park" in downtown Lima. It just opened about a year ago and it has about twenty fountains in it. Most people go when it's dark because there's a music and light show. We, however, went right when they opened at 4:00 pm, so Max could frolic in the four fountains in which you could romp around it. Oh, did he ever romp. While Kate shyly watched from a distance, Max went straight for one of the fountains as soon as we walked in the park, chanting, "Agua, agua, agua!".

Even after he dumped it pretty good (and it left grate marks on his forehead and cheek), he still wanted more. He got soaked, and so did I (though I didn't plan to get so soaked, so I was cold and miserable on the car ride home). He couldn't figure out that he shouldn't look for the water if it didn't come out of the fountain, because seconds later, it'd shoot him right in the face.

Most importantly, he had a blast, and we'll definitely go back. Check out the pictures here.

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