Saturday, November 08, 2008


I've been meaning to post this all week, but it's been a bit hectic, like most weeks are and since Max goes to bed at 6:30-7 and then I'm in bed by 8:30-9, it doesn't leave a ton of time to get things done.
We went to Dr. Z's office this week for Maximo's 14 month check-up. We received a glowing report! He now weighs 10.275 kg (22 lbs 10 oz) and is 77 cm long (30 inches). These are both in the 35 % for a fourteen month old. For a twelve month old, he's in the 50% for weight and 75% for height. So, it looks like he's catching up. Yipee!
After his weird virus/breathing scare, we've had a good couple of weeks - he's been fun to play with, eating well and going to bed surprisingly easy...He's been a lot of fun to hang out with. He thinks everything is funny and LOVES to be scared. When you scare the living cr*p out of him, he looks shocked for a minute, then cracks up. He's also just figured out how to put things together - for example, he has blocks that have a whole through the middle and stack on a pole; this week was the first time he could actually put them back on the pole. He has been able to pull them off and chuck them around the room for a while, but now he's fascinated with putting them back on. He loves putting things in and outside of containers ALL THE TIME. He's also getting super duper close to walking. Last night he actually took two steps by himself. He was holding on to his crib and wanted to get to the nightstand for something and he let go and took to steps to get there. It was very exciting to see! Next week we have our appointment with the physio doctor, we're curious with what he has to say.

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