Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just for the Record...

I HATE EARTHQUAKES! Before "the big one" last year, I used to get a thrill out of them (as long as I was safe). Yes, I know I called my mom 3700 miles away after my first one in Peru, BUT I was alone and on the 16th floor of a swaying building.
Some say "the big one" shook Maximo out. The experience of standing pregnant in a soccer field waiting for a three minute earthquake to end and the combination of being a mom has made me a bit anxious when we get them now.
We just had one - a short one, but a pretty hard shake... When Maximo is with us, I worry. Should we get him out of the crib? Do we go outside if we're close? Do we stand in the doorway? But when I'm not with him - I'm ridiculously anxious. He's with his dad right now, so I'm a little less anxious than if he was home with the nanny, but still...
I "like" predictable natural disasters - blizzards, hurricanes... those I can handle. But criminy!
And still, will it prevent me from taking a new job in an "earthquake zone"? No, probably not.

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