Thursday, November 20, 2008

Five Steps to Success

Last Wednesday, we went for our one year (adjusted) assessment with the physiologist at the physical therapy clinic. We really like the doctor, he looks a little like an aging Magnum P.I., which is fine by me (I've always had a minor crush on him, though he's bit old for me!).

Anyways, he watched Maximo walk (holding my finger) directly to the ball pit. (Hence our new purchase). Where he continued to stand next to it and chuck balls out one at a time, glance at the mirrored wall, giggle to himself and continue throwing balls out of the pit. We tried to coerce Max to play with some of the other toys, to crawl and climb, which he does quite well, but he just screamed bloody murder when I tried to move him away from the ball pit.

Dr. Rivera saw enough of Maximo's movements to say that he seemed perfectly normal and his movements and language development seemed fine. He then said as soon as Maximo takes five steps by himself that we could discontinue therapy. Why five? Don't know. He seems really close. One of the problems is that he wants to move too fast by himself. I doubt he's going to have a long walking stage - he's going to go from crawling to running - oh boy!

We'll see Dr. Rivera for probably our last time in May.

Note: This was written last week, but I needed to proofread it and revise it, AND it's been one of those crazy weeks, so here it is one week late with an update:

Check it out! He's now walking all over the place, though a bit unstable at times... but definitely he has conquered the five step goal! Yesterday was our last physical therapy appointment, hopefully FOREVER!


Celia said...

Yea!! Way to go, Max!

I love his walk/dance - that boy's got some moves!

Kirsten said...

Yahoo! He is almost 15 months, which is exactly when Tess learned to walk. Riley still needed another 2 months. Go Max!