Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Looking Back at Halloween

You may wonder why I hyped up Halloween so much, but then only posted pictures of Maximo in his costume... you may not care either way, but let me explain anyways.
John had a few ideas that he was throwing around, and put his above ensemble together in about 10 minutes at home (an amalgamation of Jack and Piggy from Lord of the Flies, which he just finished with his 10th grade class).
I, however, had big dreams. I scoured the internet for the perfect costumes, since really I can get anything I want made here. I couldn't really find a good one for Luciana to make, but I was pretty content with my plan B - A tornado.
So I was going to wear a black shirt and pants and sew black strings onto my shirt and tie little farm animals, vehicles, trees, people onto the ends of the thread. When someone would ask, "What are you?" I'd spin and all the objects would swirl around me (are you picturing it? Cute, creative, right?). Then I thought I'd blowdry my hair, use a little hairspray to really get that windblown look. Then I bought a spider web and stretched it all out and wound it around me to try to get the funneling look.
Let's just say it looked GREAT in my mind. Let's just say it didn't look so great in real life. Thankfully, I don't think anyone got pictures of me. As John said best as I stepped into the car on the way to school, crushing parts of my costume in the car door as I closed it, "Jule, your hurricane looks like it got hit by a hurricane."
To see how "big" Halloween is at our school, check out some of the kids' costumes here. And that's just the middle school pictures, the high school and elementary were just as good. John said he saw a little elementary kid dressed up as a toilet. How do you get your kid to wear that?

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