Sunday, November 23, 2008


A Perfect, Extended, Chill weekend...

We went about sixty kilometers south of Lima for a beach weekend. We stayed at one of my colleague's beach house, with another family. The location is great for kids - a functional apartment right on a low-key beach with small waves (which is hard to find in Peru). The weather was overcast in the mornings, but got quite sunny in the afternoons.

Maximo had a GREAT time. He was walking all over the place and was gung-ho about going into the ocean which was fa-fa-fa-freezing cold. John and I took turns standing in the wake with him, after about two minutes the pain from the cold eased into numbness, which made it more tolerable.

As you can see in the first pictures, the weather was a bit crummy when we first got there and the water was excruciatingly cold, so I didn't put Maximo in his swim clothes, assuming that he wouldn't charge for the ocean. He was sandy and soaked within minutes; the rest of the weekend, he pretty much stayed in them!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the weekend:

What is APEC?
We had a long weekend holiday from school due to the Asia-Pacific Economic Convention being hosted in Lima. There are 41 dignitaries in the city right now, including G.W., to discuss trade and whatever else presidents talk about.)

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