Friday, November 14, 2008


Just some funnies from our lives these days:

This is what happens when you blink while drinking your coffee around a toddler.

John and Max were playing under/on the massage table. I wish the pictures were better, it was really funny.

And, I'm still trying to get photos of a couple of other things...
- Like Maximo and Flavius. Maximo is getting a little more lovey with Flavor, but is still a bit rough. Lately he just lies totally on top of the cat any chance he can get. And if the cat is walking around the room, Maximo will crawl full charge at him and headbutt him. He's kind of like a bull charging the red cape. The one unfortunately thing is Maximo will go for any part of the cat's body and his head is at the exact level of Flavius's anus.

My last tidbit for the night: tonight John gave Maximo dinner. When I came down, the kitchen was tidied, the refrigerator cleaned out and Maximo was contently full sitting in his highchair with the trash can pulled up next to him. Maximo loves slinging food as he eats, so John decided to see if he'd throw it in the trash can. The plan worked, a couple of garbanzos in the mouth, a couple in the trash, which he continued to do throughout his dinner. Problem solved. Maybe John can train him so he won't be as messy as I am!

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Michelle said...

Your post tonight made me laugh, especially the part about Maximo headbutting Flavius. I'm glad to hear you guys are doing well. Thanks for sharing the stories - I love hearing them. :)