Monday, November 24, 2008

Interviewing in my Barefeet

It's 7:57 am, John has taken Maximo out for a walk and I'm suddenly feeling anxious. I have a follow-up interview with the middle school principal and assistant principal of a school that John and I interviewed with together two weeks ago. Then it's 8:05 and I think, oh, no, I hope I didn't miss my interview because I didn't correctly figure out the time change. I send the principal a message that I'm ready, he says he's running a little late, and he'll be with me in a minute. I pace the room a few more times and pick up Maximo's toys, not that they can see them. Then the fated ring of the Skype call. I accept the call and the interview begins...

The wonders of technology are allowing us to interview half way around the world from our living room. Skype is a wonderful, wonderful thing that allows us to keep in touch with our family and friends, especially for Maximo to regularly see grandmas, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Currently, it is also allowing us to interview for jobs. Through Skype, interviews feel a little less intimidating, though I often find myself walking the line with keeping it fairly formal and professional, even though on the other side of my laptop is a sea of Maximo's toys.

The funniest thing is actually preparing for the interview. I would normally wear one of my suits for an interview, so I keep with my tradition, as though it's my lucky game day uniform. The good thing is that you only have to look good from the waist up, so I decide on jeans for the bottoms, and a shirt and my suit jacket. I then check how I look on my video camera and realize my gray suit with a black shirt looks a bit blah, so I change for a green v-neck and my tan suit jacket. So, I'm ready to go. Thankfully, Skype only transmits sight and sound, because I forgot to brush my teeth and my morning breath combined with the cup of coffee I downed before the interview would have probably cut our conversation short. I think the worst thing about a Skype interview is that you have to look at yourself the whole time you're talking to the other person - so you can see yourself figiting, that hair out of place, the crooked picture hanging behind your head.

The interview went well. Though much of this process a big game of positions available, other applicants and time. We are trying to procure jobs early, so we don't have to go to a job fair in February. By accepting jobs in the next few weeks, which we'd like to do, we are closing the doors on many schools who only recruit via job fairs or have a late date for their teachers to give their intentions. Luckily, we have two promising leads now. We have an interview with the other school on Tuesday night and we hope to have jobs by the first week or so in December.

School search second clue: Both countries are five-letter words with two As.

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