Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Month 13

Everything's grand in MaximoLand.
Here are some tidbits of his world right now:
  • He is eating SO much - his newest foods are: pasta with tomato sauce, scrambled eggs, veggie burgers, salmon cakes, falafel, grapes. (no he's not a vegetarian, even though this list makes him seem so)
  • His favorite foods lately are: string cheese, mango, Cheerios, all things chicken, soda crackers, Chinese rice crackers, pasta, curry veggie pancakes, anything Mom and Dad are eating.
  • Favorite Condiment: Cream Cheese (on pitas, bagels, veggies)
  • Favorite Spice: Curry
  • Favorite Activities: Cruising around the living room, headbutting everything, going to the park to meet up with his friends, reading, talking, harassing Flavius, climbing the stairs
  • He was regularly sleeping through the night (7pm - 6 am), but has woken up for the past three, hopefully not a trend.
  • Loves water - splashing in the sink, playing in the bathtub, going to the pool
  • He loves to be around people
  • He will go to anyone, anytime. He hasn't seemed to go through an attachment phase (not yet anyways)
  • Hates to eat/drink cold things - milk, ice cream, refrigerated fruit
  • He waves bye/chau; claps his hands; shakes his head "no"; starting to point; will reach for the sky if you say "How big is Maximo?... So Big!" He could do it 100 times a clip

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