Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm embarrassed to tell you how much time (hours) I've spent scouring the internet for the perfect costumes for us. While Halloween is celebrated here by Peruvians - a few kids will come to the door and yell "Halloween!", it is a really big event at our school. Since anything can be made at a fairly reasonable price here by talented seamstresses, really you be anything your heart desires. Find it on the internet, print it out, get measured by a seamstress and Voila! you can be anything you want. After seeing our past Halloween costumes, my mother knew exactly what she wanted for Christmas this year, so when she came to visit last November she also got her Christmas gift - a Luciana original (I'll post a pic of her after Halloween, because the costume is fab).
At first, I wanted a common theme for Los Lemleys, but we couldn't come to a consensus. The (ahem, my) top choices were:
1. John would be the Empire State Building, Maximo would be a gorilla (King Kong) and I would be Ann Darrow (the damsel in distress). Fair enough - John gets the short stick - walking around in an uncomfortable box as a skyscraper and looking cool only when holding Maximo for the hour he's up at school that day.
2. Cave Family - It would be cute, but a bit cold wearing bits of clothing, though John wanted to go to the Inca Market and sew his by hand out of alpaca.
So, as it stands now, we have Maximo's costume decided on, I'm 50% sure of what I'm going to do and John always has his famous tennis star look alike to fall back on if need be.
But, I'm not going to tell you what they are... you'll have to check back later for the photos.

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I'll be back to check out the costumes.