Monday, October 06, 2008

.:Martha Stewart Meets Ansel Adams:.

Inspired by Dutch Girl Cooking, a blog I Stumbled Upon today and the ability of my friend, Celia, to make a simple 5 stall Connecticut vegetable market look beautiful in photos, I decided to document my simple cooking adventure today. Warning: it is very simple and although I was inspired, my photography is nothing like the previous cites listed.
The mangos are just re-entering the supermarkets in Peru right now. They're on my "Favorite Things of Peru" list, for sure. I never really had a mango before moving to Peru. I did eat a bite of one once, it was from a jar and it wasn't very good, but I'm not even going to count that. When I was growing up, I don't even think you could buy mangos from the grocery stores in New England, though I may have not been able to identify one if it was there.
On Tuesday, I walk into the house and see the fruit bowl full to the brim (which works a bit like our magic closet). Nestled closed to the top, amongst the bananas, apricots, pears and limes were three mangos. They were small, but they looked ripe. I grabbed one and stuck it right to my nose - sniff...perfection... It was decadently sweet + soft to the touch = ripe!
Maximo ate two of them this week as his "dessert", but all week, all I could think about was making a mango salsa - sweet and spicy, dripping off a salty tortilla chip. Since we're on vacation this weekend, we have a bit more time, so we decided to have a few friends over and have a simple cookout.
We had burgers and sausage on the grill, my homemade mac and cheese, roasted vegetables and Terie's quinoa salad, and of course, the mango salsa that I'd been dreaming about.BTW - I don't know another famous photographer that has a well known name, except for maybe Anne Geddes, and I didn't want you to think I was dressing Maximo up like Martha Stewart or putting him in a mango salsa bath just for a photo, so I stuck with Ansel Adams... I know it's not a black and white landscape, but you get my reference.

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Celia said...

Wow! I'm famous! :)

Your salsa looks great! Mangoes are still on my "favorites of Peru" list. I miss them so...

Thanks for sharing your find of Dutch Girl Cooking. Looks like a great site. Her photos are lovely!