Thursday, July 16, 2009

Vacation Update

The best part of being a teacher is having the SUMMER OFF! Ask any teacher. They'll tell you the same. Unfortunately we have to squeeze a lot into our month in the states, but the most important being catching up with family.

Here are some (photo) tidbits from this past week:

Running around in Forsyth Park (where we got married)

One of my favorite things about Savannah - the Spanish moss

Cousins! Jillian and Maximo!
Hanging out on River Street today

The best invention... EVER (for toddlers) - STICKERS!
This is how we get through waiting for our dinner to arrive!

This is the sign of a 'happy Jule' - pizza and beer from Vinnie Van G0-G0's

Dinner at Vinnie Van Go-Go's

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