Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jam Packed

It's a bit hard to fit in a year's worth of visits into two weeks in Georgia and two weeks in Connecticut. We're trying hard, but are also trying not to stress ourselves out too much and more importantly, we're trying to keep Maximo well fed and watered, because he's a train wreck when he's off his schedule.

Mom and John have watched Maximo a couple of nights so we got to hang out with John's high school friend, Greg, who now lives in Hartford and last night we went to the Mohegan Sun Casino with Tim, Kim, Pete and Elvia. It's nice to hang out with my siblings now that we're "grown-up". It was great seeing Carrie, though her trip was too short, and it was nice hanging out with my brothers with no kids last night. It just confirms the fact that Maximo NEEDS siblings - ones to love and hate growing up, and hopefully cherish when he's grown.

I've updated some pictures from the Connecticut leg of our trip here.

And here's a few of my favorites from the past couple of days:

Maximo totally unimpressed with his first lobster.

On a whole he's been great meeting tons of new people and staying in different places,
but he has had his moments!

Since we've been going out for meals and drinks and night or have had people over here, my normal blogging/internet surfing time has greatly diminished, hence the lack of posts, but it's been really nice catching up with people, though it's starting to catch up with us.

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