Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The End of a Chapter

We haven't had a TV for about a month now. John and I actually don't use it much, so it's been fine. Maximo watches a show in the morning while he wakes up and enjoys his cuppa milk, so we've been playing his favorites - Handy Manny, The Backyardigans and Thomas on my laptop. He digs his little set up.

Our house went from this... the kitchen stuff waiting to be packed.

To this! In mere hours...
(Yes, the ballpit is going. Are we crazy? Maybe.)

And here's our living room, in it's cold, echoey glory:
Thankfully, the school partially furnishes our house, so we do have couches to sit on, beds to sleep on, and a BASIC kitchen set up. I can't imagine if they didn't. We'd truly be camping out.
And since we didn't want to drag a bunch of winter clothes to the US this summer, John and I each only have a pair of pants, our fleeces and a couple of shirts we're rotating through this last week of school. It's been interesting. I'm ready to put on my flip flops and a pair of shorts!

And of course, the pictures of Max, playing outside because the inside is a bit bare. He loves wearing my shoes, which is good, because I have a pair and he has almost no toys to play with.

One of many goodbyes we've said this week. We'll dearly miss Ben, Holli and Jana. Unfortunately they just arrived in Peru this year, but I'm sure we'll see them around and we know they have no problems with showing up at our door in Japan.

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