Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Babysitting Directions for Nana

You can give him a bath, if you want. Here's a Thomas movie if you want him to watch a movie, he loves popcorn, too!

Read him a couple of books.
If he asks for:
"Sun" = Blue Train, Green Train
"Max" = Where the Wild Things Are

Turn on his music on the iPod. Just hit this button twice.

If Max wakes up, give him his pacifier and monkey. If that doesn't work, try milk.
Worse case scenario, call me and I'll come home.

And, Mom, if he says:
"poo", he means his pacifier (derived from the Spanish "chupon")
"mono" - his monkey
**Essential winding down and bedtime necessities**
If he says, "cuna", this means crib in Spanish, and this means he's really tired and just set him down in the crib and he'll go down easily.

and Aunt Carrie's favorite:
"fuckers", he means stickers - He loves them.

See you soon. I have your cellphone if you need us.

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Kirsten said...

Hilarious! I will use this as a guide the first time we watch him for you guys!