Saturday, July 04, 2009

For Maximo

Dear Maximo,
Tonight we leave Peru, the country in which you must have been dying to see, since you jumped out of my nice warm belly 9 weeks early, which feels like eons ago, but was a little less than 2 years ago. Peru has been so kind to you, my love, and it actually makes me tear up a bit to think that you probably will remember nothing from it.

Since the moment you were born, everyone here loved you. They love your strong gladiator name. They love it when you wear your Peruvian soccer uniform or your chullo.
They love that you are a blonde hair, blue eyed Peruano. They love how you speak their language. You are known by everyone who lives within a five block radius of our house. As we walk to the park, everyone stops and dotes on you and you melt their hearts when you blow them kisses as we continue on our way. You put a smile on strangers' faces as you wave to them or as your bravely run up to their dogs and touch their noses or give them besos. They love you because you see beyond the class or color which often defines Peruvians. You are just as friendly to the man who waters the parks as you are to some of your well-off friends' parents. When I am out by myself whether it be at the grocery store or bodega across the street, I'm always asked, "Where is Maximo?" and they sigh when I tell them that you are home with Papa and they are missing your sweet smile, wave and kisses.

Yesterday your friends planned a little despedida for you. It was the first time I really welled up about us moving. I looked at you playing with your friends and how much you meant to them and how there'd be a missing piece in the playgroup tomorrow and my heart hurt and I got choked up saying goodbye and giving besos to all your little friends.

I hope your dad and I can keep Peru alive to you through our photos and stories. I hope that some day we will return to Peru as family so we can show you where you were born, where you spent the first 22 months of your life and what you liked to do - and so you can have a better appreciation for the culture, sights, sounds and food.

We hope that you will enjoy this lifestyle that we have created for you. If not, we will stop for you, so know that. Japan will be a new adventure, one that will be a great influence in your life. It'll be where you start school, where you learn how to ride a bike, where you'll start to sleep in a big boy bed. It'll be a country of many firsts for you, as Peru has been. We're excited to bring you home this summer to reacquaint you with your family and our roots. Then, it's off to our new home in Japan.

Maximo in the park kissing his girl, Hania

The neighborhood gang at his despedida:
Vasco, Fernanda, Jimena, Max, Hania, Malina, Santiago and Cusi

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