Friday, July 24, 2009

Catching Up

I was going to do a "End of Savannah" post before arriving in Connecticut, but it didn't quite happen. Well, for one, the last couple of days in Savannah were hectic - we squeezed in some quality family time - meals and play time with Maximo, catching up with friends, and last minute shopping, which led us to...

4 over-weight pieces of luggage, so we were at the mercy of the US Airways counter clerk.

Luckily we were at the BEST.AIRPORT.IN.THE.WORLD! The Savannah Airport is small and so easy to get through. We were running late with the heavy bags, a carseat, a toddler... and we had a great travel day. Max LOVES avions (planes) and was fascinated by the fact that he was in one!

We've arrived in Connecticut safely. Max has been a trooper with all this moving around. Though he calls Nana either Gigi (John's mom) or BA-Nana (ha!). He's trying to tame the cats and loves all the toys at Nana's.

Maximo missed his Uncle Pete and Aunt Elvia last night when they came to dinner because he was wiped out from our day of travel and went to bed early, but today he got to see his Uncle Tim and Aunt Kim and his cousins, Jessica and Amanda and they had a great time!

Mowing the lawn with Grandpa J

Pete & Elvia!

Max and Nana playing with the water table

The Barbie bike

Ride 'em cowboy!

Cousins Max & Amanda (1 month difference)


The kids' table - Jess needed 25 cents to sit there watch each baby!

Tomorrow, lobsters... Life is good!

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