Sunday, September 11, 2011

Super Sunday

Unfortunately the temperature heated right back up for the weekend, but we've still been able to do a lot as a family this weekend.

We ventured out Saturday morning for a hike, but it was really hot and Max was super tired from a long week. We headed back early, but it was nice to at least get off island. We came back and all took naps and then we ventured out to cool off at the River Mall.

Then, after that, we went out to the new Sri Lankan restaurant on Rokko Island. It was really good and the waiter and chef were really nice and accommodating. Then I even went out last night with some ladies from work! A full Saturday.

On Sunday, we went to school as they were having hot air balloon rides as a charity event for a local orphanage. Max got freaked out by the whooshing noise when the fire blazed to heat up the balloon. So, we left and went to the grocery store. After the grocery store we stopped by the bike shop, just to look, but... Lola ended up with a new bike seat and helmet!

Max just jumped on to pose with us (hence the no shoes and skewer of chicken in his hand).

For the past six months, Lola's been riding with us on my bike - but she's been strapped to me with the Ergo Baby Carrier. I wish I had a picture of that. I'm a sight, especially on Friday afternoon when John goes to the store and I have both kids with all of our bags. It's still comfortable enough with the Ergo, but it's hot and it wrinkles my work clothes all up!

Lola loved the short ride home from the bike store and got TONS of attention in the bike store as the owner was fitting the seat to my bike and we were getting her straps all situated and her helmet on right. On Sundays, a bunch of people go riding with their start and ending point being at the bike shop. They were all getting back from their ride when we were in there, so she was showered with many "kawaiis" (cute!).
And definitely loving all the attention!

It's been a great weekend, and thankfully not over yet. Next weekend we have a three day weekend, then I'm off for two nights to Awaji Island on one of the middle school trips. I know John will survive without me, but it's a lot of work for one person, especially getting everyone packed and ready in the morning.

We also are making some apple chips in the dehydrator today - I was inspired by this blog post this morning, so we even cut them out into cute fall shapes. Now our house smells so good!Max smelling the apple slices

I hope they look this pretty when they're apple chips and ready to eat!

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