Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photo Friday - Week 41.2874 & Julie - Year 34

 I normally like to keep the Photo Friday posts "strictly Lola".  But, it's not even Friday, so I'm going to break all the rules.  This is the first time since I've started this that I didn't get the photo actually taken on Friday.  There have been a few times that I didn't post until Saturday, but I always at least got the picture taken on Friday.  So if she looks older than seven days since the last photo, you know why!

I like this one better, but I cut her head off!

 Our baby's got a new pair of shoes

Lola wears shoes for the first time - sparkly ones too!

Our morning adventure to the playground

Trying to get the kids to pose with me

Las Chicas Lemleys

Cupcakes made with Love

Today we are celebrating my birthday, since I was away on the real day.  John has spoiled me by sending me off for a massage and a little time by myself, I got a new Le Creuset dutch oven, Max picked me out a present all by himself and decorated the wrapping and gave it to me.  John took him out by himself to buy me something special (anything he wanted at the 100 Yen store!)

Maximo's present to me!
Le Creuset - oh la la!

Tonight I got to pick my dinner menu (as we did when we were kids - and a tradition I want to keep).  I surprised myself by asking for hamburgers, homemade salt and vinegar roasted potatoes, and asparagus, followed by carrot cake cupcakes with ginger cream cheese frosting.  It's been a perfect day!

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Terie and Kelani said...

Pretty nice birthday! And a cruet to boost! well done! what is Christmas like arounf your place?
and Lola looks 16 already! beautiful!